White Supercharged Ford Mustang GT S550 - Forgestar D5 Beadlock Wheels

A Supercharged Avalanche Gray Ford Mustang GT Dropped On Forgestar D5 Beadlock Drag Racing Wheels

A clean Avalanche Gray Ford Mustang, featuring several carbon fiber additions and a set of lightweight Forgestar D5 Beadlock drag racing wheels

The current generation of the famed Ford Mustang GT is a gorgeous vehicle. It features sleek and classical Mustang lines, topped off by impressive modern design cues. It’s definitely one of the most attractive American muscle cars out there and the sales number clearly back that up. And while it may be a vehicle driven by everyone, from hip kids to lawyers and architects, it’s the drag racing aficionados that fit with this vehicle the most. Hence, it’s no wonder that many of the Supercharged Ford Mustang GT S550 owners turn to us for a set of wheels that will set them apart from the other owners, both on the street and the drag strip.

The build at hand comes from Street Car Performance, a tuner dedicated to high-performance builds. This vehicle features a set of Forgestar D5 Drag Racing wheels. In the front, you’ll find a set of Forgestar D5 non-beadlock wheels, while in the rear, a set of Forgestar D5 Beadlock wheels is installed. For this Ford Mustang, the setup features our standard sizes of 18×5 in the front and 17×10.5 in the rear. The wheels come with a Gloss Black and Polished Aluminum finish combination. Finally, a set of sticky Mickey Thompson drag radial tires is installed, featuring a staggering 305/45/SR17 size in the rear, allowing this supercharged muscle car to achieve impressive straight off the line speeds at the drag track.

White Supercharged Ford Mustang GT S550 - Forgestar D5 Beadlock Wheels

In addition to the drag racing wheels and drag radial tires, this Ford Mustang also comes with several exterior touches. Namely, a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, a set of side skirts, and a rear diffuser grace this vehicle. The bright red Brembo big brake kit allows for more stopping power. Furthermore, there’s plenty of action under the hood, but the owner wants to keep its power level information secret. And we don’t blame him! This beast looks somewhat tame, but it can tear it up with the best of them at the track. And that’s the highly coveted perfectly executed combination that many individual automotive purists search for.

You can take a more detailed look at this Avalanche Gray Supercharged Ford Mustang GT with Forgestar D5 Beadlock wheels in the media gallery right below. The photoshoot comes from Johnny Specter, and you’ll find some impressive wallpaper material right there. If you’re interested in a set of our drag racing wheels, please contact us for more information about fitment and sizes right away.