World’s Very First Custom Rotary Forged Wheel: Engineered a brand new concept from specially designed tooling, allowing various wheel widths and offsets unseen in the current market.


Engineered the World’s First Variable Bolt Pattern Designed a pre-casted & pre-finished wheel lug pattern that allowed various vehicle make and models to utilize Forgestar Wheels.


World’s Very First 22” Rotary Forged Wheel Engineered, tested and manufactured a customizable 22” wheel utilizing the new Rotary Forged manufacturing method.


Trending: Transparent Candy Powdercoat Finishes Took a step in a different direction by creating a trend of custom powder coat options utilizing transparent candy coatings.


World’s First 12” Wide Rotary Forged Wheel Engineered, tested and manufactured specific tooling to manufacture a wider 12” width previously unseen with this manufacturing method.


World’s very first Super Deep Concave Profile Coined the SDC (Super Deep Concave) terminology when creating a size that worked for a wide range of vehicles without brake caliper interference.


Engineered the World’s First Modular Rotary Forged Wheel The M7S.2 is the world’s very first Rotary Forged Wheel in a customizable modular construction previously only available in a monoblock.


One Inch Further: Engineered World’s First 13” Wide Rotary Forged Width With new engineering and machinery, the World's First 13" wide Rotary Forged wheel was created.


Dual Two Way Engineered and created the World's very first dual two-way formed Rotary Forged wheel.


Enter Drag Racing Created the World's first Rotary Forged drag racing wheel in 15” and 17” diameters in both narrow front sizes and wide rear wheels.


Acquired by Weld Racing WELD Racing has expanded its wheel line via acquisition. The company purchased Forgestar Performance Wheels, which is know for its rotary-forged, flow-formed street wheels. The two brands will complement each other in numerous ways such as design, engineering, and manufacturing.”


Engineered the World’s First Beadlock Rotary Forged Drag WheelForgestar is proud to release the 17" and 18" Forgestar D5 Drag Wheel. The D5 is the worlds first rotary forged beadlock drag wheel in the market. We designed and engineered the D5 with our lightweight rotary forged technology which results in a higher load rating and ultimate weight savings. Available in both beadlock and non beadlock options.