Sao Paulo Yellow BMW M4 G82 - Forgestar F14 Wheels in Satin Black

The 2021 BMW G82 M4 Competition Giving The Hotly Debated Car Forgestar F14 Wheels

This stunning Sao Paolo Yellow BMW M4 Competition is equipped with a set of Forgestar F14 wheels, giving it an unmistakable look

Seldom do we see vehicles take a complete U-Turn from their predecessors like the all-new BMW G82 M4 did when compared to the BMW F82 M4. While the vehicle sports a shiny new identity, featuring sharp design cues and a significant level of track-inspired technology borrowed from the forthcoming M4 GT3 customer sports racing model, the design and overall feeling of the all-new BMW M4 are vastly different from person to person. However, the vehicle is still a purebred high-performance machine, capable of impressive performance and great handling. The two-door coupe is prepared by the BMW ///M division, giving the vehicle a high-revving 3.0 liter M TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder petrol engine that develops a peak output of 503 hp and 479 lb-ft (637Nm) of torque.

With the standard BMW G82 M4, the power is sent exclusively to the rear-axle wheels by means of a six-speed manual transmission. Purists will love the manual transmission that comes as standard on the BMW M4 Coupe, however, this is a BMW M4 Competition model. In turn, this vehicle is equipped with an 8-speed M STEPTRONIC automatic transmission. With the BMW M4 Competition, the 0-62mph (0-100km/h) sprint will take just 3.8 seconds. A truly capable performance machine both on and off the track. As a result, it’s also a perfect foundation for a great aftermarket build.

Sao Paulo Yellow BMW M4 G82 - Forgestar F14 Wheels in Satin Black

This particular Sao Paolo Yellow BMW G82 M4 Competition comes from our authorized dealer in Garden Grove, CA, Studio RSR. The vehicle is equipped with what is unmistakably one of the most classic wheel designs out there: the Forgestar F14. For this BMW M4, we have made the wheels in sizes of 19×10 in the front and 20×11 in the rear, giving the vehicle both a great look and improved traction thanks to massive tires both in the front and in the rear. Finally, the wheels come with a Satin Black finish. Overall, it works great against the Sao Paolo Yellow exterior of the vehicle, but also, against the dark yellow Carbon Ceramic Brake System that this vehicle comes with.

For a more detailed look at this Sao Paolo Yellow BMW G82 M4 with Forgestar F14 wheels, please take a look at the media gallery below.