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Drag Racing

Make + Model Ford Mustang
Product F14 Beadlock
Category Drag Racing
Finish Satin Black

Transform your Ford Mustang S550 into a true drag racing machine with our Forgestar F14 Drag Beadlock Satin Black 5x114.3 wheels. These beadlock wheels are specifically designed for drag racing, with a lightweight and strong construction that can withstand the intense forces of high-speed acceleration. The beadlock wheel feature ensures that the tire stays securely in place, providing maximum traction and stability for a faster and smoother run. The Satin Black wheel finish adds a sleek and modern touch to the Mustang's muscular exterior, making it a true standout on the track. Take a closer look at our gallery to see more images of this Mustang and our wide selection of custom wheels available in various sizes, bolt patterns, and finishes.