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Fredric Aasbo Partners with Forgestar in Formula Drift

May 9, 2023

Forgestar is proud to announce our partnership with Papadakis Racing's iconic Formula Drift driver, Fredric Aasbo! Together, we're taking the Rockstar Toyota Racing GR Supra to the next level with Forgestar CF5 wheels in striking Kingsport Gray. In this exciting partnership, Aasbo's Rockstar Toyota Supra will be equipped with 18x9+25 front and 18x10+15 rear Forgestar CF5 wheels. With a 5-spoke style as iconic as the GR Supra they belong on, and a high-strength flow-form design, the Forgestar CF5 wheel will undoubtedly enhance Aasbo's driving experience providing a competitive edge to conquer the track.

"Our passion for the drifting community cannot be overstated", says Forgestar's Motorsports Director - Drew Turner. "We view this partnership with Papadakis Racing not only as a testament to the strength and endurance of Forgestar wheels but as an opportunity to support a racing team that advances the sport by inspiring the next generation of drivers." 

Fredric Aasbo, regarded as the most-winning driver in Formula Drift history holds over 100 international racing victories. Setting the stage for an illustrious career, Aasbo achieved the title Rookie of the Year in 2010 and continued charging through the ranks, taking home the title of Formula Drift Champion in 2015, 2021, and 2022. Competing in international drifting events, Aasbo will proudly showcase his skill and prowess on Forgestar wheels worldwide. Fans of Forgestar and Papadakis Racing alike eagerly await FD Round 2, where Aasbo will debut his Forgestar-equipped Rockstar Toyota Supra. Taking place May 11th - 13th in Atlanta, Georgia, FD 2023 Round 2 promises to be an exhilarating showcase of skill, precision, and cutting-edge technology.

About Forgestar: Forgestar is the original customizer of flow-form wheels with a strong passion for supporting the automotive community through quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Pushing boundaries to discover new possibilities in the world of aftermarket wheels, Forgestar is a brand committed to unlocking new options and delivering them to automotive enthusiasts of all backgrounds. For more details on what drives us, visit the Forgestar About Us page.

About Fredric Aasbo: A icon in the drifting community and the most winning driver in Formula Drift history, Fredric Aasbo brings an unmatched level of skill and experience to Forgestar's partnership with Papadakis Racing. To learn more about Aasbo's remarkable journey, accomplishments, and passion for pushing the limits of drifting, visit his full racer bio.