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Forgestar has developed the industry's most aggressive concave wheel profiles, ranging from our Semi-Concave design to the iconic Ultra-Deep. Explore our selection of mild to wild concavity profiles, or begin your custom Forgestar build here.

Wheel concavity, also known as a concave wheel profile, is a design featuring a sunken wheel bore with spokes that extend outward to the wheel's rim. The aggressive aesthetic of concave wheels makes them a popular choice on heavily modified vehicles that are built to make a statement. Explore Forgestar's spectrum of concave wheel profiles to find the right fit for your ride.


Semi-Concave wheels feature a uniform profile with spokes extending from the outer rim to the wheel hub. Semi-Concave wheels are often used in the front of a vehicle featuring a staggered wheel set or in the rear of a vehicle to accentuate a flush OEM-like appearance.

Deep Concave

Deep Concave wheels feature spokes extending from the outer rim into a sunken wheel hub, creating a more aggressive appearance. Deep Concave wheels are for car enthusiasts looking to step up their style and are suitable for both the front and rear of a vehicle.


Super-Deep concave wheels offer extreme style to enthusiasts looking to draw attention to their wheel fitment. Super-Deep wheels are best suited on a vehicle with a modified body and suspension or in the rear of a staggered wheelset.


Forgestar Ultra-Deep wheels are for hard-core vehicle enthusiasts looking to drop jaws with their stance and style. Ultra-Deep wheels feature an extremely sunken wheel face and elongated spokes. Ultra-Deep wheels are best suited on vehicles with a modified body and suspension components.

Semi Concave

Deep Concave

Super Deep

Ultra Deep

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