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Dylan Hughes

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Dylan Hughes

9th Place Finish in Formula Drift Championship

Car Make BMW
Car Number 129
Wheels Performance
Dylan Hughes portrait banner

Dylan Hughes is a Pro-Series Formula Drift driver fueled by a passion for speed and adrenaline. Dylan's enthusiasm for all things that go fast began at a young age with bikes, leading him to tuner cars, motorsports, and ultimately to the art of drifting. After honing his skills in local events, Dylan earned his place in the Formula Drift Pro Series and quickly rose through the ranks. In 2022, he took home his first podium win at Round 3 in Orlando.

Dylan's build, the Royal Purple BMW E46 powered by the notorious Toyota 2JZ engine, is outfitted with our battle-tested Forgestar F14 flow-form wheels to continue real-world testing of their endurance and durability in intensive driving conditions. With a fierce determination and natural talent for driving, Dylan has proven himself, his build, and his Forgestar wheels a force to be reckoned with on the track.