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Formula Drift 2023 - Long Beach

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Formula Drift 2023 - Long Beach

April 12, 2023

Burnt rubber, big skies, and California sunshine, Formula Drift kicked off the 20th anniversary with a traditional season opener on the streets of Long Beach. With the standard Long Beach course layout of the past, Forgestar’s PRO Series drivers Matt Field and Dylan Hughes face two outside zones, one inside zone, and a tricky touch-n-go. To come out on top, drivers must showcase snappy initiations and sharp transitions throughout a series of blind corners. With these challenges ahead, FD fans were in for a wild weekend brimming with smashes, crashes, and fierce competition.


Based on fan feedback, Formula Drift updated the judging format for qualifying to take on a holistic approach. Instead of individualized judging, each judge will rank all aspects of the driver’s run, including line angle, style, and X Factor. To kick off qualifying, Dylan Hughes came out swinging with his E46 landing a solid #11 position. Unfortunately, our 2022 runner-up champion Matt Field wouldn’t see such luck. Struggling through his first run, Field receives an incomplete after an immediate spin-out. Field would qualify in the 27th spot with just 78.66 points in his second attempt, leaving him at a huge disadvantage moving into the competition.


In the Top 32 heat, Matt Field faced off against three-time FD PRO Champion Chris Forsberg in a thrilling match-up. The battle went to One More Time (OMT), requiring both drivers to repeat their runs. Field eventually emerged victorious but faced more challenges ahead. In the Top 16, he had a minor collision with Dean Kearney, and in the Top 8, he had an epic battle with Chelsea DeNofa that saw DeNofa slide into the tire wall. Moving into the Top 4, fans nearly experienced a rewind of last year’s collision between Aasabo and Field. Luckily new reinforcements installed after last year’s incident keep the ‘Vette intact allowing Field to come out victorious and move into the finals with Rome Charpentier. Conquering the final head-to-head, Field took the #1 podium position and 100 points in the PRO standings.

Whether it’s the sting of second place, new title sponsors, or just pure passion for the sport, Field proves right off jump he isn’t just here to play but to win in the Formula Drift 2023 season. Join us next month as the Formula Drift 2023 schedule continues in Atlanta, Georgia, where drivers will continue on the Road to Championship. Find more on Formula Drift’s winning wheel, the Forgestar F14 here, and stay tuned to the 2023 FD season to see them in action!

LC2 1802
LC1 1702
LC1 1711
LC1 2973
LC1 3693
LC1 3714
LC1 4175
LC1 4189
LC3 0589
LC3 1085
LC3 9165
LC1 4189
LC2 1849
LC3 1106
LC3 1120
LC3 1701
LC3 7972
LC3 8024
LC3 9165 IG story
LC3 9454
LG1 0542
LG1 0652
LG1 2875
LG1 3421
LG1 3906
LG1 3945
LG1 4310
LG1 4563
LG1 4571
LG1 5270
LG1 8644
LG1 8693
LG1 8700
LG1 8762
LG1 9280
LG1 9338
LG1 9387
LG1 9392
LY1 0294
LY1 0592
LY1 1221
LY2 3823
LY2 2381
LY2 1624
LY1 7135
LY2 5914
LY2 0658
LY1 9197
LY1 7094
LY1 7989
LY1 8015
LY1 9213
LY1 9401
LY2 0323
LY2 1978
LY3 0768
LY2 3207
LY2 3555
LY2 3831
LY2 4424
LY2 5889
LY2 5905
LY2 5966
LY2 5982
LY3 0761
LY3 0917
LY3 1502
LY3 2208
LY3 2689
LY3 6034
LY3 6353
LY3 6369
LY3 6378
LY3 7010
LY3 9894
LY3 9980
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