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Formula Drift 2023 - Atlanta

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Formula Drift 2023 - Atlanta

May 16, 2023

Round 2 of the 2023 Formula Drift season sparked sentimental excitement as competitors returned to Road Atlanta raceway—the birthplace of Formula Drift! Known for its rolling hills and limited decel zones, Atlanta's drift course pushed the limitations of even the most skilled drifters.

Matt Field's victory at Long Beach provided him a lead in the standings while last year's season champion Fredric Aasbo trailed closely behind in third. To make this unspoken rivalry extra spicy, Forgestar set up both drivers with our Performance series flow-form wheels.


Rolling on a fresh set of Forgestar CF5 wheels, Aasbo piloted the Rockstar Toyota Supra through knockout qualifying, securing a respectable 7th place position and advancing into the Top 16. In a thrilling showdown against three-time champion James Deane, Aasbo engaged in an intense head-to-head battle that would ultimately conclude his weekend. All setbacks aside, Aasbo's performance earned him valuable championship points, propelling him to second place in our season standings with 108 total points.


The Beast from The Bay Matt Field found himself with a 9th place qualifying position leading him to a series of brutal battles. Fighting fiercely into the Great 8, Field would face his final showdown with Johnathan Hurst who emerged victorious. Despite an early end to Round 2 Field took home an abundance of championship points maintaining his lead position in the season standings and leaving him 40 points ahead of fellow Forgestar-sponsor Fredric Aasbo.


Fan favorite Dylan Hughes entered Round 2 aiming to make his mark on the Atlanta track. Hughes dominated the qualifying round with an impressive 6th place position. After making his way through the knockout series, Hughes would eventually meet his match in an intense face-off with Aurimas Bakchis in the Great 8.

Ultimately Formula Drift's OG Vaughn Gittin Jr. took home the win in Atlanta, a fitting victor in this anniversary season at the birthplace of FD. With Round 3 in Orlando just around the corner, our drivers are immersed in a pursuit of perfection as they fine-tune their vehicles and sharpen their skills.

About Forgestar Performance Wheels

Forgestar is pushing the limits of performance with our partners in Formula Drift. Explore the wheels that drive pro-level drifters to the podium here.

Fredric Aasbo - Forgestar CF5 Wheels

Matt Field & Dylan Hughes - Forgestar F14 Wheels

LC1 2783
LC1 4009
LC2 3498
LG1 9399
LY1 3123
LY1 8755
LC1 2876
LC3 8101
LG1 9859
LY1 7828
LY1 9329
LY2 2420
LY2 5179
LY3 3443
LC1 4249
FDR2 Track
LC1 4178
LC1 4240
LC2 3905
LC3 9424
LC3 9762
LG1 2475
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