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Formula Drift 2023 - St. Louis

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Formula Drift 2023 - St. Louis

July 17, 2023

Rain or shine, Formula Drift is back to St. Louis, Missouri, for the midwest drift fest that is Round 5, Crossroads. Taking on Worldwide Technology Raceway, our team of daring drifters faced 4 Outside Zones across a winding track with only two short and sharp deceleration zones.

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Top 16

After an OMT (One More Time) Matt Field was knocked out of the competition by Odis Bakchis, along with teammate Dylan "The Dozer" Hughes whose E46 would encounter a collision with Chelsea DeNofa's Mustang. In Top 16 Fast Freddy Aasbo battles PROSPEC champ Robert Thorne. Falling victim to the rumble strip, Thorne spun out in his lead position providing Aasbo an easy win.

Freddy in the Finals

Our final Forgestar competitor Fredric Aasbo worked through a series of competitions, taking on Johnaton Hurst in the Great 8, Simen Olsen in Final Four, and making it to the last head-to-to head with Odie Bakchis. After a brutal battle and valiant effort from Aasbo, judges awarded Bakchis the win in our Round 5 competition. With a second-place podium finish, Aasbo returns to the number #1 position in our 2023 season standings with 303 points. Closing in on the end of the season, we see Aasbo gunning for his fourth FD Season championship. Tune in on August 11th for the Throwdown in Seattle, Washington, as our team of Forgestar drifters takes on the 20th anniversary season of Formula Drift PRO!

LG2 0961
LC3 8960
LY3 5991
LC3 6024
LY3 6053
LY3 5430
LG1 6287 Enhanced NR
LG1 6081
LG1 5704
LC2 4769
LC3 8094
LC3 7078
LC3 6251
LC2 4601
LC2 3845
LC2 3867
LC2 7184
LC2 6995
LC2 4201
LC3 6011
LC2 7668
LC2 7637
LC2 6494
LC1 6409
LC1 6373
of 25


Forgestar is pushing the limits of performance with our partners in Formula Drift, featuring three fan-favorite drivers who put our high-strength flow-form Performance series wheels to the test in the ultimate high-speed driving challenge. Drivers Matt Field and Dylan Hughes compete on matching Gloss White F14s, while Fredric Aasbo sports the iconic Kingsport Grey CF5.