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Formula Drift 2023 - Orlando

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Formula Drift 2023 - Orlando

May 30, 2023

Shoeys, shenanigans, and plenty of tire smoke - Forgestar's entourage of Formula Drift drivers brought the heat to sunny Orlando for Round 3 of the 2023 Pro Series season.


Kicking off the event was a series of standard elimination-style qualifying passes, where all three Forgestar drivers advanced into the competition. Pushing his Toyota Supra to the absolute limit, Fredric Aasbo secured a 5th place position and earned extra "X-Factor" points. Previous points leader Matt Field didn't fare as well, landing in 16th place in qualifying, while Dylan Hughes claimed the 8th place position.


Advancing into the competition, Matt Field found himself in a neck-and-neck battle with the notorious Adam LZ, resulting in our Formula Drift (FD) judges calling for one more time (OMT). In the rematch, Field conquered his competition, advancing into the Top 16, where his weekend would end in a head-to-head battle with Ryan Tuereck. Meanwhile, Dylan Hughes refused to back down, defeating Tuereck in the Great Eight after intense battles with Trenton Beechum and Darren Kelly. This propelled our fan-favorite rookie driver and his iconic 2JZ BMW into the Final Four against fellow Forgestar driver Fredric Aasbo. In a closely contested battle, Aasbo's sharp initiations made it challenging to follow his chase position, and he ultimately advanced into the final head-to-head with Chelsea DeNofa and his formidable Ford Mustang.

LC3 1514

After a fresh tune-up following a brutal battle with Kazuya Taguchi, DeNofa came out swinging, pushing his vehicle to the absolute limit and claiming the victory over Fredric Aasbo. With a second-place finish, Aasbo earned 88 points toward the Pro Championship, securing the first-place position in our season standings. DeNofa's outstanding performance moved him into second place, while Matt Field dropped to third, and Dylan Hughes advanced to 6th. The season continues on June 22-24 in New Jersey for Round 4: The Gauntlet.

LY2 1221
LC2 5224
LY3 4580
LC3 6010
LY3 6114
LY3 6144
LY1 7428
LY1 7119
LY1 5814
LG2 2127
LY1 9715
LY1 9840
LC3 6124
LC3 5115
LC3 1514
LC1 7178
LC1 7124
LC1 7047
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Forgestar in Formula Drift

Forgestar is pushing the limits of performance with our partners in Formula Drift, featuring three fan-favorite drivers who put our high-strength flow-form Performance series wheels to the test in the ultimate high-speed driving challenge. Drivers Matt Field and Dylan Hughes compete on matching Gloss White F14s, while Fredric Aasbo sports the iconic Kingsport Grey CF5.